Infants & Toddlers

At Immanuel we believe that teaching children to Love God begins from the day they are born. Infants learn that they are loved by being loved. Beyond taking care of their most basic needs of food, sleep, and diaper changes, teachers at Immanuel feel a call to play and explore with infants in a way that helps them discover the world around them. Teachers sit on the floor, sing, and play "Peek-A-Boo, God Loves You". Toddlers hear Bible stories and learn simply that

God Created Them and
God Loves Them.

Parents can feel comforted as they drop infants and toddlers off with staff and volunteers during Sunday school, worship, and special events. Immanuel is equipped with a pager system that flashes, vibrates, and receives texts so that parents can feel secure that staff can reach them if their little one needs them at any time.

Some important things to know on your first visit.

  • You will be asked to complete a short visitors card. This is so we know about your child and if there are any allergies, special requests or needs, and some of their favorite things. You can pre-register here.

  • You will receive a pager. This also serves as your sign-in and sign-out tool. Only the person with the pager can pick up a child.

  • Make sure you bring some of the necessary items for your child. Bottle, extra clothes, diapers, favorite toy or blanket, etc. This will help staff make sure they are well cared for and happy.

As always, we are here to serve you as you seek to worship and learn. If you have any questions you can contact Christina Crice at or at 270-443-5306.

Nursery Staff

Mildred Davis - Nursery Coordinator

Mildred has been a member of our nursery staff for almost five years.  She lives in Kevil with her husband, Samuel and her two daughters, Madelyn and Hannah.  Mildred is the first person you will see and she is happy to help your little one get settled into their classroom.

Linda Hamilton

Linda has been a member of our nursery staff for more than 20 years. She is known by the kids as Nina and loves to sing to and rock them!

Libby Broome

Libby has been volunteering in our nursery for more than ten years. She loves to rock babies and watch them as they grow.